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North Carolina Highway 84

Highway 84 North Carolina is a primary state highway in the U.S. state of North Carolina. It serves to connect the city Weddington in Monroe.

Oklahoma State Highway 84

Highway 84 is a short highway in Okfuskee and Hughes counties in Oklahoma. It begins at state highway 9 in Dustin and runs Northwest to its end at highway 75 in the area Weleetka. It passes through the County Hughes at 1.34 miles and Okfuskee County on 8.51 kilometers, the total length of 9.85 km. He has lettered for branches. Sh-84 was established in 1940 and originally not include any of its present extent in its path. During the 1940s and 1950s years the route was extended to the North, but in 1968 it was truncated to its current length.

Tennessee State Route 84

State route 84 North–South highway in the East middle Tennessee. It originates in Sparta on highway 70, passes through the city of Monterey, and ends on the West side of Livingston on SR 85.

Virginia State Route 84

State route 84 is a major state highway in the U.S. state of Virginia. Known as mill gap road, the highway runs 14.94 miles from state of West Virginia, near mill gap, where the highway continues West as West Virginia route 84 and East of highway 220 In Vanderpool.


Helicopter sea combat squadron 84 "red wolves" was helicopter squadron of naval forces of the United States. Along with the "Firehawks" of GSK-85," red wolves” were the only two squadrons in the U.S. Navy, is designed to support the Navy seal and SWCC teams, and combat search and rescue. Prior to his dismissal in March 2016 they acted 14 HH-60H rescue hawks separated into four independent, two aircraft detachments that could deploy anywhere in the world within 72 hours after notification.


VPB-84 was in patrol bombing squadron U.S. Navy. The squadron was established as patrol squadron 84 on October 1, 1941 renamed as patrol bombing squadron 84 on 1 October 1944 and disbanded on 28 June 1945. The squadron flew the aircraft-5A Catalina throughout its history.

Maryland Route 84

Route MD-84 state highway in the U.S. state of Maryland. The highway runs 5.75 miles from MD 75 near new Windsor North to MD 832 near Frizzelburg. MD 84 provides access to Uniontown and is part of the connection between new Windsor and Taneytown in the Western district Carroll. The highway was built from New Windsor to Uniontown in the mid 1920-ies. The northernmost part of the highway was built in the late 1930-ies as the MD 630, which became a disjoint portion of MD 84 in 1951. The gap in MD 84 North from Uniontown was completed in 1956.

Business routes of Interstate 84

Dozens of business routes of Interstate 84 to exist. Existing and former business routes are located along the Western and Eastern segments of I-84.

Florida State Road 84

State highway 84 highway in the U.S. state of Florida initially extending from Tamiami in Naples to Federal highway in Fort Lauderdale. The road now consists of two noncontiguous parts--in Collier County, Davis Boulevard in Broward County, the Marina Boulevard miles, and the facade of a road.

AMES Type 84

Ames type 84, also known as the microwave early warning, or meow, was 23 cm wavelength early warning radar used by the Royal air force in the framework of the network of radar linesman / mediator. Operating in L-band, gave him better performance in the rain and hail core where the Ames type 85 radar performance decreased. She worked for the type 85 and RX12874 in linesman, and moved to the UKADGE system in the 1980s before being replaced during the improved UKADGE modernization in the early 1990-ies. The type 84 had a ten year development period that saw the system repeatedly recycled. It was first conceived in 1951 during the program the Rotor as MW-system power S band, to replace world war II-era home radar early warning. But the experimental system developed at the Royal radar establishment RRE offered similar performance and will be available long before the stables 1957 target date. Commissioned as Ames type 80 in 1953, there is an urgent need for Miu was eliminated. Then mew was assigned a lower priority, and gave Marconi for further development. There is a new notion of L-band analog type 80, adding advanced moving target indication MTI. In such a system was ordered into production as the type 84 in July 1957. In the same month, fears of a new carcinotron silencer has grown in importance. MEW was moved in an anti-jamming radar, using its powerful klystron 10 MW, but the system is not working. A wide range of 5 MW to replace the magnetron of klystron, but this required a new MTI and antenna system as well. By the time they were ready the magnetron was not, and he finally stopped at version 2.5 MW, eliminating its ability to cover a wide frequency band and reducing their volume, as an anti-jamming system. For some time it remained the main radar at the stage 2 of the rotor and is designed for transmission objectives for the blue Envoy missile of distant radius of action. But REE once again outplayed type 84 with their new design blue clerk, who was much more powerful and offer frequency. Deployment of the type 84 went ahead anyway, largely because it was full and offered a range of additional options. The first type of operational 84 was transferred to RAF Bawdsey to RAF in October 1962. Appeared in the 1960s three additional units, and the fifth of the original order was shipped to Cyprus and placed on Olympus. The last unit closed in 1994.


ППС-84 понтонный парк, стоявший на вооружении Советской Армии. предназначен для оборудования дорог и переправ через водные преграды при скорости течения до 4 м / С и волнением до трех баллов.

Суданская трава 'Чишминский 84'

Различные травы Cesmesi Судана 84 получены путем сложной гибридизации о "101211 сортов, селекционных линий Башкирский научно-исследовательский институт сельского хозяйства. включенных в государственный реестр на Среднем Поволжье и Приуралье.


"Дружба-84" - серия международных соревнований, проведенных в июне - сентябре 1984 года в 9 государств "социалистического лагеря" бойкотировали Олимпийские игры в Лос-Анджелесе, по официальной девиз "спорт - дружба - мир.

BAP Aguirre (CH-84)

Крейсера проекта 84

В 1954 году главнокомандующий ВМФ СССР Н. Г. Кузнецов инициировал разработку крейсера ПВО, получил номер проекта 84. эскизный проект корабля будет готов к II квартал 1958 (Года 1958), и техническую - I квартал 1959 года. предполагалось строительство серии из 5 крейсеров на верфях нет. 189 и Н 444. ввод в эксплуатацию был запланирован в 1964 году. полный размер крейсера проекта 84 были сопоставимо с размером крейсеров проекта 68-бис. дизайн кузова - флеш-колоду. полное водоизмещение должно быть 14-15 тысяч тонн, максимальную скорость 32 узла, дальность плавания экономическим ходом - 5000 миль. оружие из чисто артиллерийский крейсер был особенным. В качестве главного калибра предполагалось использовать мощный универсальный 180-мм два пистолета башенных установках см-48. В проекте угол возвышения орудий составляли от -3 до 76 градусов, наклонную дальность - 36 км, досягаемость по высоте - 23 км, около 9-10 выстрелов в минуту. башни располагались линейно возвышенной две в носовой части и на корме. в дополнение к см-48, крейсер должен был нести шесть 100-мм башни-близнецы артиллерийские установки см-52 и шесть 57-мм 4-ствольных зенитных автомата ЗИФ-75. И те, и другие находились на борту. управление артиллерии, предполагалось с помощью одного КДП радар для стрельбы по надводным и воздушным целям и стрельбы из двух радаров для зенитных калибра "Фут-Б" или "Турель". кроме того, на корабле предусмотрено базирование двух вертолетов Ка-15, который был предназначен подпалубных ангарах с лифтом. после удаления Н. Г. Кузнецова с должности главнокомандующего все работы по проекту крейсера 84 были прекращается.

HMAS Norman (M 84)

HMAS Norman - третий тральщик-искатель мин типа "Хуон", который поступил на вооружение ВМС Австралии. Был построен фирмой Thales Australia в Ньюкасле и назван в честь реки "Норман" в Квинсленде. Введён в строй 26 августа 2000 года. Базируется на базе ВМС Австралии "Уотэрхен" в Сиднее.


"Mikrofons-84" - конкурсе эстрадной песни, проходившем в Латвийской ССР в 1984 году в рамках ежегодного конкурса "Mikrofons". Конкурс в 1984 году было проведено в 12-й один раз. это был первый конкурс, в котором участвовал песни Раймонда Паулса. кроме того, в связи с кончиной экс-радиоведущий постоянная Ausmy Индриксоном, передачи "Микрофон" на радио появились новые ведущие. В ходе голосования в адрес Латвийского радио вошло 63 175 письма. замечательное письмо, отправленное знаменитый Рижский баскетболистка Ульяна Семенова, которые выражают мнение всей своей команды. Заключительный концерт конкурса в первый и единственный раз проходил в новом Дворце культуры "Земгале" в Слампе. его запись была показана на Латвийском телевидении, лучшие песни конкурса были выпущены на грампластинках.


Истребительная эскадрилья 84

En:VF-84 (Ан:ВФ-84) 1955-95. VF84 - было авиационное подразделение Военно-морского флота. это была третья эскадрилья ВМС США, который был обозначен как VF-84 (ВФ-84). эскадрилья была прозвана "Веселый Роджерс" и NAS Oceana (НАН Осеана). знак отличия у них от VF-61 (ВФ-61) "Веселые Роджерсы". пяти разных эскадрилий ВМС США используется как обозначение VF-84 (ВФ-84), или название и эмблема "Веселого Роджера": VF-17 / VF-5B / VF-61 (ВФ-17 / ВФ-5Б / ВФ-61) удовольствие Rogersi, VF-84 (ВФ-84) удовольствие Rogersi, VF -84 (ВФ -84), VF-84 Vagabonds (ВФ-84 бомжей).


WASP-84 (Оса-84) - одинокая звезда в созвездии Гидра на расстоянии приблизительно 408 световых лет от Солнца. вокруг звезды обращается, как минимум, одна планета.

  • The TI - 84 Plus is a graphing calculator made by Texas Instruments which was released in early 2004. There is no original TI - 84 only the TI - 84 Plus and
  • The Republic F - 84 Thunderjet was an American turbojet fighter - bomber aircraft. Originating as a 1944 United States Army Air Forces USAAF proposal for
  • The 1983 84 FA Cup was the 103rd season of the world s oldest football knockout competition, The Football Association Challenge Cup, or FA Cup. The competition
  • Alpha Ethniki 1983 - 84 complete season AEK Athens Apollon A. Egaleo Panathinaikos Panionios Apollon K. Aris Iraklis PAOK Ethnikos Olympiacos Doxa Larissa
  • Eskisehirspor - MIY: 3 - 0 Adanaspor - MIY: 2 - 0 Adana Demirspor - MIY: 2 - 0 Mersin Idmanyurdu took place in Group B in Second League 1983 84 season. League played
  • The Canadair CL - 84 Dynavert designated by the Canadian Forces as the CX - 131, was a V STOL turbine tiltwing monoplane designed and manufactured by Canadair
  • U.S. Route 84 US 84 is an east west U.S. Highway. It started as a short Georgia Alabama route in the original 1926 scheme, but by 1941 it had been extended
  • The 1983 84 Bulgarian Cup was the 44th season of the Bulgarian Cup. Levski Sofia won the competition, beating Botev Plovdiv 1 0 in the final at the Druzhba
  • The 1983 84 2. Bundesliga season was the tenth season of the 2. Bundesliga, the second tier of the German football league system. Karlsruher SC and FC
  • The 1983 84 season of the European Cup football club tournament was won for a fourth time by Liverpool in a penalty shootout in the final against Roma
  • Sittard 1 0 and won the cup for the sixth time. Replays were held if teams were tied after ninety minutes. All 18 participants of the Eredivisie 1983 - 84 All
  • Messier 84 or M 84 also known as NGC 4374, is an elliptical or lenticular galaxy in the constellation Virgo. Charles Messier discovered Messier 84 on 18
  • The 1983 84 Bundesliga was the 21st season of the Bundesliga, the premier football league in West Germany. It began on 12 August 1983 and ended on 26 May
  • Republic F - 84 F Thunderstreak was an American - built swept - wing turbojet fighter - bomber. While an evolutionary development of the straight - wing F - 84 Thunderjet
  • Interstate 84 I - 84 in Massachusetts is the eastern - most segment of the eastern I - 84 highway originating in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, near Scranton Within
  • The Greek Cup 1983 84 was the 42nd edition of The Greek Football Cup, or Greek Cup for short. Totally 76 teams participated, 16 from Alpha Ethniki, 20
  • Kamloops defeated Portland 5 games to 0 Kamloops defeated Regina 4 games to 3 There was no All - Star Game in 1983 84 1984 Memorial Cup 1984 NHL Entry Draft
  • No. 84 Squadron of the Royal Air Force is at present a Search and Rescue Squadron based at RAF Akrotiri, it uses the Bell Griffin HAR.2 helicopter. It
  • The T - 84 is a Ukrainian main battle tank MBT a development of the Soviet T - 80 main battle tank introduced in 1976. The T - 84 was first built in 1994
  • Interstate 84 I - 84 is an east west Interstate highway across the state of Connecticut through Danbury, Waterbury, Hartford and Union. I - 84 enters Danbury
  • The 1983 84 Cypriot First Division was the 45th season of the Cypriot top - level football league. Omonia won their 13th title. Fourteen teams participated
  • The Nakajima Ki - 84 Hayate キ 84 疾風 Gale is a single - seat fighter flown by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service in the last two years of World War II
  • with 84 penteract 5 - faces. Messier object M 84 a magnitude 11. 0 lenticular galaxy in the constellation Virgo The New General Catalogue object NGC 84 a
  • The 1983 84 Primeira Divisão was the 50th season of top - tier football in Portugal. It was contested by 16 teams, and S.L. Benfica won the championship
  • Statistics of Swiss Super League in the 1983 84 season. It was contested by 16 teams, and Grasshopper Club Zurich won the championship. Source:
  • Wolfsburg 2 0 thus claiming their third cup title. 31 May 1984 Waldstadion Frankfurt Attendance: 50, 000 Referee: Manfred Neuner Leimen 1983 84 DFB - Pokal
  • Interstate 84 I - 84 in Pennsylvania is the western - most segment of the eastern I - 84 Within Pennsylvania, it runs from Dunmore to the New York border. I - 84 starts
  • Statistics of Ekstraklasa for the 1983 84 season. It was performed in 16 teams, and Lech Poznan won the championship. Source: Poland - List of
  • The South African Railways Class KM 0 - 6 - 0 0 - 6 - 0 of 1904 was an articulated steam locomotive from the pre - Union era in Transvaal Colony. In 1904, the Central
  • The 1983 84 UEFA Cup was won by Tottenham Hotspur on penalties over Anderlecht. For the 1983 84 UEFA Cup, the associations are allocated places according
  • ISBN 0 - 85177 - 593 - 4. Helgason, Gudmundur. The Type VIIB boat U - 84 German U - boats of WWII - Retrieved 2 February 2015. Hofmann, Markus. U 84
  • The 1983 84 World Series was a One Day International ODI cricket tri - series where Australia played host to Pakistan and West Indies Australia and West
  • The 1983 84 season was the 104th season of competitive football by Rangers. Rangers played a total of 55 competitive matches during the 1983 84 season.
  • The 1983 84 season was the 104th season of competitive football in England. 6 June 1983: Resurgent Portsmouth, newly promoted to the Second Division after
  • Illinois Route 84 Route 84 or IL 84 is a long state highway that runs along the Mississippi River in northwestern Illinois. Illinois 84 runs from south
  • The 1983 84 Israel State Cup Hebrew: גביע המדינה Gvia HaMedina was the 45th season of Israel s nationwide football cup competition and the 30th after
  • The 1983 84 season was the 85th completed season of the English Football League. Liverpool had a successful first season under the management of Joe Fagan
  • The 1983 84 season of the European Cup Winners Cup was won by Juventus in a final against Porto. The next year, the club went on to complete a full complement
  • Route 84 is a state highway in the Missouri bootheel. The route starts at Arkansas Highway 90 AR 90 over the St. Francis River on the Arkansas Missouri
  • The 1983 84 Scottish Cup was the 99th staging of Scotland s most prestigious football knockout competition. The Cup was won by Aberdeen who defeated Celtic
  • 2 - 0 in both games. Automatically qualified to round of 16 Sibenka Star Varese Moderne March 15, Palais des sports Pierre - de - Coubertin, Paris 1983 84 FIBA
  • Arkansas Highway 84 AR 84 Hwy. 84 is a designation for two state highways in west Arkansas. The western segment is 3.7 miles 6. 0 km long and travels
  • The Symphony No. 84 in E major, Hoboken I 84 is the third of the six Paris Symphonies numbers 82 87 written by Joseph Haydn. It is sometimes known
  • team toured Australia in the 1983 84 season and played 5 Test matches against Australia. Australia won the series 2 - 0 Pakistan won the toss and elected
  • Royal Wurttemberg Jagdstaffel 84 commonly abbreviated to Jasta 84 was a hunting group i.e., fighter squadron of the Luftstreitkrafte, the air arm
  • Eloy, SR 84 is concurrent with the beginning 0 87 miles 1.40 km of State Route 87 just north of Interstate 10 near Picacho. Formerly, SR 84 ran between
  • of 23.562 0 001 hours and a brightness variation of 0 21 0 02 magnitude during each cycle. Perturbations of asteroid 52 Europa by 84 Klio suggest
  • KG - 84 A and KG - 84 C are encryption devices developed by the U.S. National Security Agency NSA to ensure secure transmission of digital data. The KG - 84 C
  • State Route 84 SR 84 is a state highway in the U.S. state of California that consists of two unconnected segments, one in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • The Mark 84 or BLU - 117 is an American general - purpose bomb. It is the largest of the Mark 80 series of weapons. Entering service during the Vietnam War

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